President: Vicki Standen
Vice-President: Roger Rose
Secretary: Carol Rose
Treasurer: Yvonne Rhoad
Membership: Joann Davis
Store: Paul Rhoads
Website: Paul Query
Board Members: Dennis Ryan, Walt Tester

For more information , check our WEBSITE at
, or
Contact: Roger Rose (239) 592-9215, or e-mail:


Our next member meeting will be held October 2 at the
Golden Gate Community Center

Carol Rose has asked to be replaced as Secretary, so if anyone is willing to step into that job for the next year, please let Vicki know (348-9540). You do NOT have to be a full time resident of Naples since we only meet from October thru April.
Since summer activity is light, the Club News will NOT be sent June thru September unless we have specific info that we need to share. I will send the next Club News after our October 2 meeting.



Mike & Shelley Magden (4/8) 
’69 Chevelle

For those of you keeping score, we have added 28 new members since October, 2011.                       
We keep trying to get pictures of all your cars on the Website. If your car is not on the website, please send pictures to either Roger or to Paul Query. If you do not have a picture, please have Carol Rose take one at the next event or cruise-in.


(We send cards from the Cool Cruisers if we are notified. Please notify Carol Rose at (239) 592-9215 if you know of someone who could use a little sunshine.)

We have information that Judd and Evelyn are back home (Ohio) safely and that Judd is scheduling a procedure to remove a tumor from his bladder. Please keep him in your prayers.                       



In the April News I forgot to mention the March 3, 2012 AACA show in which Bob Phelps received a “People’s Choice” Award for his 1934 Packard, and Ron Patterson received a “Class 8 – Production” Award for his 1971 Olds Cutlass. Congratulations to our prize winners.   


Happy Birthdays

5-Walt Tester 5-Lynn Daffron 6-John Hatz 1-Wayne Snyder 2-Roger Rose
6-Jewell Lohman   6-Dan Outland 7-Roberta Grothause 2-Joan Labadie 3-Jeri Bodeman
10-Paul Wren 6-Carol Tedder 9-Zenon Conrad 10-Robert Davenport 3-Paul Miraldi
12-Carol Rose 7-Hope Johns 17-Valarie Dabrowski 10-Dennis Ryan 12-Del Cook
16-Natalie Disco 9-Bill Collopy 22-Dick Gillespie 17-Dan Balagna 14-Hank Bertram
20-Tina Heath 14-Carol Rheel 28-Ellen Warzecha 17-Gary Glassford 19-Joann Davis
20-Leland Mang 20-Blaine Spivey      29-Paul West 18-Mike Bozzo 19-Frank Stockinger
24-Gary Mitchell 25-Tim Walling      31-Butch Davis 22-Ann Mang 20-Diane Lynch
25-Karen Mihalek 26-Bill Wiehn   23-Ken Dabrowski 22-Ethel Akers
26-Paul Rhoads 27-Tom Kreher   24-Robert Carboy 23-Sam Nolan
26-Tamara Tedder 29-Alex Olivera   24-Ted Voorneveld 26-Vic Tatak
29-Sid McClellan     27-Paula Bulmer  
      27-Peggy Freers  
      28-Laura Manquene  
      29-Mary Glassford  
      29-Paula Southam  

Note: If you have a birthday in May-Sept and do NOT see your name, or if your birthday is incorrect, contact Roger to correct the records.


Upcoming Events

I am trying to find some worthwhile events for you over the summer. Let me know if you find an event  you think the CC’s might like. THANK YOU for your participation and support!!!



from 4-7 PM at 4245 N. Tamiami Trail (K-Mart Plaza) in Naples. This event will continue at the above time thru May, then the time will change to 5-8 PM from June thru October to allow for hotter weather. Starting this Saturday, May 12, we will try to organize an old fashioned cruise from McDonalds to downtown Naples and back. If you are interested, see Roger or Lynn Daffron at McDonalds.


Rode’s Restaurant Cruise-in every Thursday

from 5-9 PM at 3756 Bonita Beach Road (west of SR42 on the North Side). Drink & Food specials, raffle, DJ.

 Roger will keep you informed via the Cool Cruisers Upcoming Events List he sends out periodically. Roger will also send the weekly Larry Day list showing events over a broader section of Southwest Florida for those who may want to travel.      


We are pleased to announce that all Cool Cruisers members are now eligable for a 10% discount at the
Naples Carquest Auto Parts store at 7550 Missions Hills Drive, Suite 310, Naples, Florida